Wednesday, 06, December, 2023

On August 31, Uzbekistan Airways received the delivery of a second LET L-410 light aircraft from the Czech LET Aircraft Industries. The first aircraft landed in Tashkent in mid-July.

After acceptance at the manufacturer-plant and checking the flight characteristics, the aircraft flew from the city of Kunovice to Uzbekistan. It made intermediate stops for refueling in Bulgaria, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, the Uzbekistan Airways reported.

It is planned that two LET L-410s will operate flights to Zomin, Zarafshon, Shakhrisabz and Sokh cities after the completion of airfield operations. Aircraft will also be used on other short routes. The first plane is now flying from Tashkent to Samarkand. At the end of July, it operated a flight to Zomin.

The turboprop aircraft LET L-410 has 19 passenger seats and is capable of taking off and landing on almost any type of runway, including ultra-short ones, up to 510 meters. Meanwhile, the flight range is up to 1,500 km.

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