Thursday, 18, July, 2024

Above-ground and underground lines have now been connected into a ring. The president Mirziyoyev took a ride in a subway car along the new line.

The role of the subway in the Tashkent public transport is significant. In order to expand the coverage of this type of transport, an above-ground elevated subway was created at the initiative of the head of state.

In recent years, the first phase of this major project was implemented and the Sergeli line was launched. This year, the second phase was completed - an above-ground line was built from the Qoyliq area to Sergeli district.

Today, the president visited the new line and took a ride in the above-ground subway with members of the public.

- When we started this project in 2017, there were those who doubted its success. Thanks to the Almighty, the underground and above-ground line have now been connected and have formed a ring. Yes, it wasn't easy. But this line, which will serve our people, will stay. If our people, our children, using this line, are have with the state has done, then we have achieved our goal,” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

At the second phase, 12 kilometers of overpasses were laid and 7 stations were built. Travel time from the start to the terminal station will be 15 minutes. More than 40,000 passengers will be served daily.

In general, the length of the Tashkent subway has exceeded 70 kilometers. Of these, 38 kilometers were built after 1977, over the past 7 years 32 kilometers of tracks have been laid. The number of stations has reached 50. It is expected that the daily passenger flow in the subway will increase to 750 thousand people.

While, this year the Tashkent public transport received a thousand new buses. As a result, up to 1.4 million passengers a day use public transport. All this serves as an important factor in reducing the need for personal transport and reducing congestion on the streets.

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