Monday, 28, November, 2022

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev familiarized himself with the Sergeli district overground (sky rail) construction progress.

As experts note, the construction of metro in Sergeli district was coupled with a number of difficulties. Therefore, a above the ground rail line with overpasses will be built instead. The Sergeli line will be extended from Olmazor station of Chilanzar line, with 6 stations to be built.

This project, designed for 2017-2020, will require US$170.1 million. The new 7.1 km sky rail is expected to service over 14 million passengers a year. The line, using high-end engineering solutions, will pass through Choshtepa makhalla with the terminus on Maghreb street in the Sputnik residential area in Sergeli district.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed to the need for greening the street along the line with several rows of trees and flowers.

The President was also briefed on the Yunusabad line construction progress, where the foundation laying works of new Turkiston station are currently underway. The Yunusabad line extension works are to be completed in 2019.

The design of new metro stations, construction materials  to be used for decoration, as well as sketches of interior design were demonstrated to the head of state.

The President stressed that the stations should be wide and bright, and recommended to hold a contest among young designers.


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