Wednesday, 30, November, 2022

President of Uzbekistan in the end of his Namangan province trip held a meeting which was attended by Deputy PMs, heads of ministries, heads of local departments, economic associations, business entities and representatives of the Namangan public. Shavkat Mirziyoyev made an address in the meeting:

 “We have accomplished some results, but we have many plans and wishes ahead of us, and ordinary people have their hopes. Our plans are clear on all areas, we have adopted a Strategy, As we have agreed we will not to applause, we will not praise each other for the next five years, we will keep working hard. We will serve to the people with our hard, dedicated work, anti-corruption stance. We have assigned many tasks to Prosecutors, our interior Ministry will be completely reformed, we have met with judges.

I want to speak about our youth, we have to listen to what they have to say, learn their concerns, if we fail to communicate with them, then they will turn their back to us, and this will have adverse consequences. If we listen to what they have to say, I am sure that they can tell us a lot valuable, worthy things, they can give us a hand on many matters.

I want to speak about the public healthcare, we held a government meeting recently, many people expressed their frustration about healthcare system related to corruption, bribery, indifference. Recently I have received a letter  which said “Mr. President is the public healthcare free of charge or not?” This question is very heartbreaking, however a reasonable question, and we are endeavoring to bring reforms to the healthcare, so far we have carried out some , and we are also considering some other measures. We will issue a decree on Monday, and we will reinforce the discipline, executives of all levels will have to go to the ordinary people’s level, and if they don’t then that will be a treason.

I am myself meeting with people on streets, and those people are expecting concrete results from policies, and they hope for things to get better, and that won’t be an easy task to satisfy their expectations . And if any government official fails to observe the discipline, the punishment won’t be late. And I want everyone who is present here to hear this with both ears.

It is to say that we are planning to develop Namangan’s industry, in particular we have adopted great many decisions related to Pap district. You know that for many years there hasn’t been drinking water in the center of Pap district, and this year we will provide drinking water to Pap district however hard this may be, and in Namangan city we will resolve the issue of drinking water and sewer system.

All what we are doing is aimed at improving livelihoods of the ordinary people, we will continue to create big enterprises here, but the thing is a big enterprise can employ a thousand people at most. Therefore we will deal with people face-to-face, offer them loans, and we will create free industrial zones in precarious areas like Chortoq FEZ. And the state will keep investing until households raise their incomes and then their mindset will change.

As you are aware we have inaugurated a high standard coal briquettes production facility in Pap, briquettes are cheaper than coal and gas. This might seem a minor issue, but in those areas, and houses where there is no gas, this will make a difference. We have a saying - If it is cold in the house in winter then even a nightingale’s singing won’t please. I myself live in a village in the place where I live there are blackouts and gas shortages. My relatives tell once in a while: Hey you big man, why don’t you try to live without gas or electricity. This is the reality, and if we learn more about the life in the countryside, then we will make less mistakes, and the decisions made will be more just. We will build another two briquette production facilities elsewhere.

Achieving people’s trust is not easy. Getting a high government post is by far easier, but being worth of that post is much more difficult. And we will assess executives on their performance,and their worthiness to the post on the basis of gaining people’s trust. People want a bit of results right now, they ask to provide opportunities for them. Me as a President I can only give a direction, issue a decree, but it is up to the local leaders to implement this decrees into life, people should feel that the executives of all levels are changing for the better.

I am convinced that in a matter of two years a new generation of leaders will emerge, and I will myself oversee this shift. From now on I will myself handle the problems of the youth. From now onwards, the executives of all levels and areas be it, interior ministry, prosecutor’ offices, customs, tax office, universities and schools, they will all have to handle and address the youth’s problems, that will be a must, otherwise they will have to go. To this date what has been our youth policy, what was Kamolot Movement about? The Movement was about form without substance, they had no reputation, nobody took them seriously. We have created the Union of the Youth, we will add substance and content to this union. Our future depends on not by giving lofty assurances but in delivering and in actions. The youth own the future. Today I met with a lot of young bright people, and was very pleased to see them, and I can say that Namangan’s future is bright, and that is no tumid words. If you provide justice, you will inspire, and people will follow you.”

In the end of the meeting Shavkat Mirziyoyev appointed new Namangan city mayor and Namangan province deputy governor.

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