Thursday, 20, June, 2024

On May 24, the President Mirziyoyev signed the Improving the mechanisms of state control and introducing the “digital energy control” system in the fuel and power industry Decree.

The Decree noteв that due to the weakening of vertical management and strict departmental control in the fuel and power supply system, cases of theft of energy sources have increased. “Incomplete digitalization of process control from production to delivery to consumers resulted in the remaining of high degree human factor,” the document says.

There is also no information exchange between manufacturers, suppliers and regulatory agencies, which makes it impossible to timely identify and eliminate discrepancies between the volumes of resources, the decree notes.

According to the document, an automated system for monitoring and accounting for the use of electricity and natural gas, as well as a new system for preventing and eliminating cases of theft of fuel and electricity resources, will be introduced.

From September 1, the Ministry of Energy was instructed to launch a system for receiving photo and video materials from citizens about offenses related to the illegal use of electricity, heat and gas. The branches of the Ministry of Energy will apply to the police to identify the offenders.

Individuals who report violations will receive cash rewards. At the same time, the disclosure of the identity of the applicants is not allowed.

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