Saturday, 25, May, 2024

On 28 March UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in cooperation with local partners distributed humanitarian aid sent to Mazar-i-Sharif through Termez, Uzbekistan, among internally displaced persons in Balkh province of Afghanistan. 241 persons benefitted from this aid, including blankets delivered in February 2023 from UNHCR Regional Humanitarian Logistics Hub in Termez with support of the Government of Uzbekistan.

This humanitarian assistance, which consisted of blankets and hygiene kits, will help to address current needs of families displaced from seven provinces of Afghanistan. “These blankets are huge assistance for me and my family. Now we live in a tent, we have no mattresses, no pillows, no blankets,” said Tair, 30 year-old Afghan currently residing in Khairabad.

“UNHCR is committed to continuing to do everything we can to assist displaced Afghans, both within Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. We appreciate the support of the Government of Uzbekistan in delivering humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan through Termez," said Frank Remus, UNHCR Senior Liaison Officer.

In February 2023 UNHCR sent 12 trucks with over 48,000 blankets through its hub in Termez to provide life-saving assistance to forcibly displaced persons and other vulnerable people in Afghanistan. The Regional Humanitarian Logistics Hub of the UN Refugee Agency in Termez, established in 2021 with support of the Government of Uzbekistan, serves as a main consolidation and transfer point to deliver core relief items to UNHCR operations in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia and beyond.

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