Wednesday, 04, October, 2023

World's prominent media persons are expected to congratulate Uzbekistan 24 channel on the day of its launching, which is not yet known and is scheduled in the coming couple of months, Bobir Alikhanov, First Deputy Chairman of the National Broadcasting Company of Uzbekistan said.

"I can’t yet disclose information on who exactly will appear on the air, but one thing I can tell is once the channel is launched we will keep engaging world media persons to some programs in the channel. Uzbekistan 24 will implement this practice, as such opportunities are being created for us, and we are willing to fully make use of it," he added.

“So far, we have shot several footages, and it is made at world class level. Besides engaging renowned media figures we are planning to create them ourselves. As you know a unique platform, International Press Club has been recently launched. The club offers an unprecedented platform for government officials. They are now able to practice the skill to speak in public, take questions from the media and to communicate with the public, which they did quite rarely before, in fact," Bobir Alikhanov said.

According to him, the officials get to learn new skills, they can now even take uncomfortable and problematic questions thanks to the practice they get in the press club. "Many ministers and officials are now becoming truly media personalities, some are even asking to appear again in the press club. On July 5, for example, Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov plans to conduct a direct line, featuring 50 Uzbek ambassadors around the world, and they will take questions from the public," he said.


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