Thursday, 18, April, 2024

Journalist, former chief of the press service of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations Mavjuda Mirzayeva has not been in touch for two days. This is related to the earlier arrest of another journalist, Khurshid Daliyev.

Sources familiar with the details of the case said that Mavjuda Mirzayeva, was arrested in the Kompromat Telegram Channel Case.

According to them, Mavjuda Mirzaeva is currently under investigation in the pre-trial detention center of the State Security Service (SSS). Also, a court sanction for 10 days of arrest was issued against her.

Her daughter Zarina Mirzayeva also confirmed she was in the SSS pre-trial detention center. She had not seen her mother for two days now.

“My mother and I lived alone. I am very worried about the current state of my mother. Why don't they give us close relatives any information about the case? I heard that there would be a ten-day investigation,” she said.

Earlier on January 27, the director of the website Khurshid Daliev, the editor-in-chief Muslim Mirzajonov and other employees of the website were taken out of the office of the publication, located on the territory of the Tashkent State Agrarian University.

Later, AIMC reported that law enforcement officers carried out an operational operation and indeed arrested some of the publication’s employees.

According to the press service of the State Security Service, a case was launched against Khurshid Daliyev and other persons under Extortion of the Criminal Code. Preliminary probe is reportedly currently underway. The participants in the process have been provided with a lawyer, and that more detailed information would be provided at a later date.

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