Thursday, 18, April, 2024

President Mirziyoyev signed decree reducing the number of personnel in ministries and agencies by 24 percent. In particular, the number of deputy heads will decrease from 207 to 144, with 703 vehicles and 10 buildings to be vacated. It has strictly forbidden to hire more management staff from non-budget funds.

Today, on January 25, the President signed Primary organizational measures to effectively launch the activities of the executive authorities of the Republic Decree.

According to it, a total of 17,447 management and production staff units financed from budget and non-budget funds will be reduced in ministries and agencies (24 percent of the total number).

These steps will help save:

  • 70 billion soums of budget funds through reduction of number of motor vehicles (including the costs of fuel and lubrication, tire replacement).
  • 1.5 trillion soums through cutting the number of personnel;

The total ceiling of personnel in ministries and agencies is set at 56,573.

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