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For the first time, Uzbek doctors independently performed an operation to separate Siamese twins, the Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday.

The operation was performed at the Educational-Treatment-Methodological Center for Neonatal Surgery at the Republican Perinatal Center, which has experience in performing complex operations on newborns, including those from neighboring countries.

Parents of twins from Kyrgyzstan came here in June last year. Babies born on May 31, 2022 are Siamese twins. This unusual condition was discovered in their mother's 28th week of pregnancy, and the woman was sent from Osh to the capital Bishkek.

At 29 weeks, delivery was performed surgically by caesarean section. The babies, whose total weight at birth was 1600 grams, were named Fatma and Zukhra.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Bakhtiyor Ergashev said that experienced surgeons helped perform the operation - the director of the Center for the Development of Professional Qualifications of Medical Workers, Professor Khabibullo Akilov and the head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at TashPMI, Professor Nasriddin Ergashev.

“Within a few months, after re-reading and studying various literature, analyzing video materials of operations carried out overseas, we decided to take full responsibility and get to work. We explained the whole situation to the parents of the children. They were also told that if they wanted, they could take them to another country. But they said that ... they completely trust us. This trust also gave us strength,” said the professor.

During the operation, in order to prevent bleeding from the liver and other vessels, ultrasound and an argon scalpel, as well as modern bloodstop hemostatic material, were used. As a result, the children were separated with minimal bleeding.

“Fortunately, it turned out that the gallbladders of the patients formed separately. This ensured that even when the two bodies were separated, the gallbladders performed their function without problems,” said the specialist.

After the separation of the Siamese twins, Fotima was operated on by a team of neonatologists consisting of Professor Bakhtiyor Ergashev, Professor Nasriddin Ergashev and Nurbek Egamnazarov, and Zuhra was operated on by Professor Khabibullo Akilov, Javlon Mukhtorov and Abdujamil Abduganiyev.

For first time Uzbek surgeons separated Siamese twins 2

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