Tuesday, 03, October, 2023

The governments of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan plan to update the terms of travel of citizens of the two countries, Zakon.kz reported, citing a draft MoM on amending the relevant agreement.

The draft MoM states that citizens of one party, regardless of their permanent place of residence, will be able to enter, leave, transit, move around the territory of the state of the other party, if the period of their stay does not exceed 30 calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border of the state, a total of 90 calendar days during each period of 180 calendar days without issuing a temporary residence permit.

Currently, citizens of both countries can stay without registration in the territory of another state only for five days, the newspaper added.

If a citizen of one of the countries stays in another for more than 30 calendar days, then he is obliged to obtain a temporary residence permit from the relevant authorities.

Discussions of the draft will last through December 12.

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