Friday, 27, January, 2023

Law enforcement academy will be set up at the Academy of the General Prosecutor's Office, where a system of continuous training of personnel in the field of crime investigation will be organized, ensuring close connection with practice. This is provided for by the Nov. 28 presidential decree.

The specialized branch of the Tashkent State Law University is being liquidated and its staff units, educational and material and technical bases are to be transferred to the academy.

According to the document, the academy will become a specialized higher educational and research institution with the status of a legal entity, which is part of the organizational structure of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Full-fledged educational process will be organized at the academy from the 2023/2024 academic year in a two-stage system – undergraduate and graduate programs in investigation activities and other law enforcement areas.

The term of study is three years - the undergraduate program and one year - the graduate program in the investigations program.

The annual admission quotas in the investigations program are up to 250 students for undergraduate programs, and up to 50 employees of authorized state bodies with higher legal education for graduate programs.


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