Sunday, 03, December, 2023

As reported earlier, a footage surfaced on November 24 on social media showing men forcibly dragging a woman into a car . A few hours later, the Tashkent police department reported that the incident occurred on Thursday in front of multi-storey buildings in 22nd block of Tashkent’s Uchtepa district. The men in the video were identified to be the woman M.A.’s, 22, husband D.Sh., 30, and her father-in-law H.M., 59.

The investigation found that the lady, a resident of Koson district of Kashkadarya province, having quarreled with her husband, left him and her child and departed for Tashkent. “He found her and took her home,” the police department said.

“Now the lady is healthy and is with her family,” the report added.

The woman was issued a protection order and underwent a medical examination. The authorities also got acquainted with the living conditions of the family, the report says.

Pre-investigation probe is being carried out on this offence in cooperation with the Kashkadarya province police department.

The Tashkent police department announced the initiation of a criminal case under Kidnapping charge. 

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