Thursday, 30, November, 2023

Starting from December 1, Uzbekistan will introduce points system for driving offences. In early April 2022, the President signed the Measures to reliably ensure human security and a sharp reduction in deaths on highways Decree.

According to the decree, in order to ensure compliance with traffic rules and prevent cases of their violation, from December 1 of this year, Uzbekistan will introduce a system for accruing penalty points system for traffic violations, which provides for the following procedure: 

- penalty points for each violation within 12 months; 

- deprivation of driving right for a certain period as per the established procedure in case of reaching maximum penalty points; 

- application to drivers who have not violated the traffic rules for a certain period of incentive measures by reducing penalty points. 

Later, the Traffic Police under the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that this procedure was an additional measure to ensure road safety. Penalty points are charged by the traffic police of the public security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in an automated electronic system without taking into account the human factor. 

Drivers' non-compliance with traffic rules will be assessed during a year on the basis of 12 penalty points. Violations committed by first-time drivers will be assessed from the day they get their driver's license until the end of the year. 

Penalty points shall be calculated from the date of the first violation by the driver until the same day of the following year. If penalty points do not reach twelve points within a year, they will be canceled after this period. Based on the nature of the offense, penalty points shall be calculated in accordance with the appendix to the draft decree. 

The most penalty points are given for driving vehicles with fake or otherwise altered license plates, as well as with license plates that do not belong to this vehicle (Article 125 Part 6 of the Administrative Liability Code). 

The application of penalty points to driving rules, as well as deprivation of a driver's license with a total of twelve points or more, does not relieve him from the main punishment provided for by law. In cases where the driver has committed several administrative offenses, penalty points for each offense shall be calculated separately, and these points are summed up. 

If the total penalty points within 12 months exceeds 12 points, the driver loses the right to drive a vehicle. When the violation committed by the driver of the vehicle is equal to eight points, the driver shall be notified by the Traffic Police via SMS or by mail. 

When a driver contests a traffic violation and refers the case to a criminal court, the points are awarded based on the final decision of the criminal court. Drivers who are deprived of the right to drive a vehicle, after the expiration of the term of administrative punishment, upgrade their qualifications and pass theoretical and practical exams in the prescribed manner. 

Drivers who have not violated traffic rules during the year shall not be awarded the first penalty point for the first traffic violation committed in the following year as an incentive. In this case, the driver shall not be relieved from the main punishment.

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