Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

On September 5, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a government meeting via conference call. During the meeting, he noted that Andijan, Bukhara and Khorezm provinces, thanks to the efficient use of land, managed to increase exports by 1.5 times. As a result of the reforms carried, the degree of provision with poultry products, fish, and rice has significantly improved.

For example, over the past three years, fish production in Andijan province has increased from 4 to 25 thousand tons, in Bukhara province - from 3.5 to 23 thousand tons; poultry meat in Samarkand province - from 22 to 100 thousand tons, in Tashkent province - from 31 to 90 thousand tons. Egg production in Syrdarya province has been increased from 127 to 200 million eggs, in Namangan - from 480 to 700 million eggs, and in Fergana - from 350 to 600 million eggs.

At the same time, he added that the governors of some provinces could not properly organize the work.

“The governors of these provinces do not know how much food is lacking in their provinces, how much imports are coming in?” the President asked.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev harshly criticized the fact that the domestic market remains dependent on the import of 25 types of food products, and instructed officials, together with governors of provinces, mayors of districts and cities, within a month to develop and submit projects to increase the production of these types of imported products, approve the relevant government decree.

He emphasized that following the six months of next year, governors of the provinces who have not achieved targets in this issue will be relieved of their posts.

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