Saturday, 13, July, 2024

Uzbekistan GDP reached 389.63 trillion soums ($35.27 billion) in January-June, according to provisional data from the State Statistics Committee, with real growth at 5.4% to the same period in 2021.

The GDP deflator index, in relation to the prices of January-June last year, amounted to 15.2%.

The real GDP growth per capita amounted to 3.3% and increased to 10.99 million soums or about $995 (for the same period in 2021, the growth reached 5.2%, and in 2020 there was a decrease of -0.9% ).

In six months, industrial products were produced for 104 trillion soums, in the service sector - 150.7 trillion soums, in construction - 25.8 trillion soums, in agriculture - 76 trillion soums. Among industries, the largest growth was recorded in the service sector (7.3%), the construction sector added 6.2%, industry - 5.1%. The lowest growth was noted in agriculture (forestry and fisheries) - 2.7%.

Despite the growth of the economy and production, the volume of electricity generation required for the operation of enterprises has not changed - 34.32 billion kWh, and gas production, which is also used for the needs of thermal power plants, has fallen by 0.5% - 26 billion cubic meters, gas condensate - up to 655.4 thousand tons (-2.5%). The volume of oil production also decreased - 383.4 thousand tons (-2.2%).

Almost 2.5 million tons of coal (+9.1%), 699.2 thousand tons of crushed stone (-33.6%), 160.5 thousand cars (+47.6%), 2,166 trucks ( +4.5%), 483 buses (-2.4%), 73 tractors (-47.8%) and 308.1 thousand tons of granulated sugar (+10.7%).

At the last meeting in July, the Central Bank revised macroeconomic forecasts for 2022 - the country's GDP growth is expected at 5-5.5% per annum, while in April the forecast was 3.5-4.5%. In April, the World Bank reported that Russia's invasion of Ukraine would slow economic growth in Uzbekistan to 3.6% in 2022, compared to pre-crisis estimates of 5.6%. However, already in June he improved the forecast to 4.3%.

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