Thursday, 23, September, 2021

The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the joint commission meeting at the level of the heads of government of the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan said that the full-fledged participation of Uzbekistan in the EAEU would provide opportunities for the growth of the Uzbek economy.

Mishustin believes that in the format of an observer state, Uzbekistan will be able to "get acquainted in detail with the work of the Union, with the procedure for preparing and making decisions that relate to the most important issues of economic cooperation, look at the common markets for goods, services, capital. and workforce without barriers and restrictions and tangible advantages for Uzbekistan nationals,” TASS reported.

He called on the development of joint projects between Russia and Uzbekistan, as well as to jointly confront the challenges, including the pandemic. “We are sincerely interested in bringing the Russian- Uzbek ties to an even higher level, first of all, through promising joint projects and initiatives, and, of course, together to confront the modern challenges, first of all, the coronavirus pandemic” , - said the Russian Prime Minister.

As for bilateral ties, Mishustin recalled the growth of the two-way trade between the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan by more than 15% last year, to almost US$ 6 billion. According to Mishustin, within the framework of cooperation between the two countries, agro-logistics complexes are being created in Uzbekistan, as well as wholesale distribution centers in Russia. In addition, it is planned to set up transport and logistics corridors.

“We have huge untapped potential for cooperation in all areas. I believe that it is necessary to seriously expand cooperation in industry, the energy sector, including the peaceful use of nuclear energy, in medicine, in education, in the digital economy, the high technologies,” added Mishustin.

The Russian Prime Minister also named one of the leading Russian investors in the Uzbekistan economy - Lukoil, which plans to invest more than US$ 12 billion to joint projects in Uzbekistan, in addition to the US$ 8 billion already invested in the development of energy capacities. Also, according to Mishustin, countries are discussing promising projects in the automotive industry, energy, pharmaceuticals.

“Russia is ready to share its experience in many areas with Uzbekistan. Work is underway, joint work to improve the tax administration system. Our common goal is to help the Uzbek tax authorities to become more modern and efficient, see what is interesting for colleagues, apply advanced software products and technologies, ”Mishustin said.

Mishustin also said that the Russian Federation is ready to share its experience in implementing a pilot project to create a state cadastral valuation, to interact in the field of digital technologies.

Mishustin recalled that during his previous visits to Moscow, the Uzbek Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov personally got acquainted with a number of Russian solutions in the field of tax administration and labeling of goods. “Today, after the meeting, we will present you new developments, we have specially prepared, we were waiting for you. We have something to share and something to work on together. We will be glad if we actively use these opportunities,” he concluded.

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