Wednesday, 21, April, 2021

Project deals for two wind farms in Peshku and Gijduvon districts of Bukhara province were approved by the Feb. 23 presidential decrees.

Project agreements were signed on January 24 between the government of Uzbekistan, the Saudi company ACWA Power, which acts as an investor, and the project companies created by it - ACWA Power Dzhankeldy Wind in the Peshku district and ACWA Power Bash Wind in the Gijduvon district.

The capacity of the Gijduvon district wind farm will be 500 MW, and that of Peshku district wind farm - 300-500 MW. The investor intends to draw US$ 650 million for the implementation of each project.

The electricity generated by these wind farms will be guaranteedly sold to the National Electricity Grid of Uzbekistan, which will commit to purchase for 25 years.

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