Wednesday, 21, April, 2021

The Uzbek Embassy in Beijing organized an online Uzbek-Chinese business forum. According to the Embassy, the event featured a major presentation on Uzbekistan’s large deposits of precious metals and rare minerals.

Liu Zhonghui, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Imports and Exports of Minerals, Metals and Chemicals, noted that Uzbekistan is a country that is in the focus of the Chamber's enterprises.

He suggested further stepping up cooperation between the relevant agencies and companies of the two countries to create a platform for the effective exchange of information on geology and mining, as well as projects.

Liu Zhonghui also said that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is ready to actively involve Chinese companies in the implementation of large projects on the basis of new and existing facilities of gold, tungsten, iron, copper and other minerals and mineral resources.

Li Zhichjun, director of the Xi'an Institute of Geology in China, together with the State and Mineral Resources Committee of Uzbekistan, offered to assist the research center in organizing training courses for Uzbek specialists, as well as creating a database of regulatory and technical documents in geology.

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