Wednesday, 21, April, 2021

Uzbek electricity standards are being revised to match with the international standrds. The French company Assystem Engineering and Operation Services SAS was hired for their analysis, the Ministry of Energy said.

Reportedly, four working groups have been created under the ministry, which includes specialists, operators, design institutes, as well as manufacturers of electrical equipment.

More than 700 standards in the field of high voltage transmission lines, substations, relay protection, and electromagnetic compatibility are to be considered. Out of the total number of standards, 536 are recognized as not meeting modern requirements. The process of replacing them with international standards is to be carried out by the Uzstandard Agency.

In 2021, standards for low-voltage power grids as well as solar and wind farms will be reviewed and adapted.

The adoption of new standards will optimize the costs of technical management of the design, construction and operation of power facilities and will increase the reliability of electrical networks, the statement concluded.

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