Friday, 07, May, 2021

The models of cars produced in Uzbekistan are set to be renewed every 5 years. This is provided for by Practical action plan for 2020-2021 to revive economic growth and continue structural changes in Uzbekistan.

The Plan also envisages the drafting of the automotive industry development strategy with the involvement of international consulting companies.

Based on the experience of the world's leading manufacturers in the automotive industry (Japan and South Korea), it is planned to review the models of cars every 5 years.

It is also planned to localize the main raw materials used in the automotive industry by local industries (steel, flat glass, rubber) and the localization of high-tech spare parts (chassis, transmission, steering) in the automotive industry.

In addition, it is expected to develop process equipment (stamping, welding, painting and assembly line), upgrade the engineering potential of the industry (production of components for the secondary market, accessories and tuning) and mass production of standardized tractor models under the national brand.

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