Monday, 21, September, 2020

The Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan told details about the construction of the Kazakh-Uzbek analogue of the Khorgos International Center for Trade and Economic Cooperation (ICTEC), LS reported.

According to the ministry, the ICTEC will be located in the area of ​​the Zhibek Zholy and Gisht Kuprik checkpoints on both sides of the state border. The relevant protocol was signed on February 26, 2020.

The ministry noted that ICTEC will be created in several stages.

Stage I - preparatory. It provides for conducting surveys on land plots allotted for the construction of the center, developing the common feasibility study (FS), coordinating with neighbors and adopting the relevant regulatory documents.

After the completion of these measures, it is planned to move onto the stage II - design and construction.

ICTEC will consist of a new checkpoint where state control bodies will be located, as well as a service center for the public and businesses, a transport and logistics center and commercial facilities.

“A more precise need for infrastructure, as well as the volumes, sources and mechanisms of financing will be determined by the parties as part of the development of a feasibility study for the construction of ICTEC independently. Now work is underway to determine the investor of the first stage of work on ICTEC from the Kazakh side,” the Ministry of Trade noted.

The ministry added that the launch date of the center will be set after the completion of the preparatory phase. In turn, Kazakh authorities are interested in an early transition to the construction stage. However, the current epidemiological situation in the region is affecting the timetable for the establishment of ICTEC.

According to the authors of the project, it will become an analogue of the Khorgos dry port, which is being built on the border of Kazakhstan and China.

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