Monday, 21, September, 2020

An Uzbek-Turkish technopark will be set up in the Olmazor district of Tashkent city, the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan said.

The technopark will house state and private high technology Turkish companies working. In addition to allocating land, Uzbekistan will take over the project infrastructure, and engage the country's research firms. The Istanbul Technopark will be the Turkish party in the project. 

Vice-President of the Turkic World Solidarity Association Mustafa Cankat Aytek noted that each side will have 50% stake. He also stressed that work is underway to establish cooperation with other countries in the region. 

Mustafa Cankat Aytek noted that the delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan Oybek Norinbayev visited the Istanbul Technopark: “During the visit, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Uzbek delegation and the General Director of the Istanbul Technopark Bilal Topçu, including the creation of a joint technopark in the country”. 

The technopark will host large-scale investments in the production of vaccines and drugs, unmanned aerial vehicles, the development of new technologies in the field of communications, as well as research in the field of agriculture and food.

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