Wednesday, 27, January, 2021

The interagency commission collaborating with the World Trade Organization and the working group on Uzbekistan’s accession to the WTO held an online meeting Tuesday. 

The meeting reviewed the information on preparations for bilateral talks with the WTO member countries on access for the goods and services market.

The heads of the relevant ministries and agencies were reminded of the need to organize quality and comprehensive preparations for the negotiations, i.e. the timely drafting of strategic documents, engaging experts and gathering the necessary information to answer questions of the WTO member countries. 

The meeting resulted in the adoption of an action plan for the next stage of talks on Uzbekistan’s accession to the WTO, with specific plans and priority tasks identified.

Earlier 60 member countries participated in the fourth meeting of the working group on Uzbekistan’s accession to the WTO on July 7, with 23 states supporting to date Uzbekistan’s accession to the WTO. The states also decided to move immediately to the stage of developing a factual summary, on which the report of the working group will be based on.

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