Tuesday, 22, June, 2021

The American Honeywell UOP will provide technologies for the production of Euro-5 standard fuel to the Bukhara oil refinery, Uzbekneftegaz said in a statement.

Bukhara Refinery and Honeywell signed a license agreement, as well as an engineering agreement for development of design documentation for the modernization of the refinery.

The modernization project is aimed at increasing the depth of processing of the existing capacities of the refinery from 79% to 95%, the output of light oil products from 77% to 91%, production of Euro-5 standard oil products the, Uzbekneftegaz added.

In March, for the first time in Uzbekistan, the plant began to produce diesel fuel of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. The production capacity at the first stage will be 100 thousand tons of products per year. The launch of production was possible as a result of the replacement of the catalyst of the gas oil hydrotreater. French Axens took part in the installation and commissioning works.

Earlier, Uzbekneftegaz reported that the Bukhara refinery will undergo modernization at for an estimated worth of US$ 553 million in 2019-2025. The project, designated for three stages, provides for upgrading the processing capacity up to 2.5 million tons of oil and gas condensate and producing 1.2 million tons of Euro-5 gasoline, 200 thousand tons of jet fuel, 750 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 30 thousand tons of fuel oil annually. The project was prepared by the South Korean SK Engineering and is financed by the funds of the Uzbek state and foreign direct investment.

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