Friday, 14, August, 2020

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev today chaired a government meeting, at which were discussed measures to ease doing business in provinces and ensure budget revenues.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the only way out of a pandemic with a strong economy is to create an enabling environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

After the lockdown requirements were relaxed, many enterprises resumed their activities. Nevertheless, he entrusted to reanimate the 69 thousand businesses. The provincial leaders are responsible for ensuring the operation of at least 70% of enterprises in the first three quarters of the year, and by the end of the year for all of these entities.

Of the businesses registered last year, 23 thousand, or 24%, stopped activities. The President instructed to help them resume activities as soon as possible.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed out that improving infrastructure, the rational use of land and buildings, the proper organization of management and public transport in 31 medium-sized cities with the potential to develop services and create high-paying jobs will give an impetus to the growth of incomes. He gave instructions on turning these cities into service centers and developing a program of targeted measures.

The State Tax Committee has been tasked with creating a system of “Tax Authority is Assistant to Entrepreneurs”.

Starting from July 1, the mechanism for the return of part of the value-added tax to businesses has been introduced for the first time. This innovation, according to estimates, will allow them to save 700 billion soums in the form of working capital in the third quarter alone

The President pointed out persistent obstacles in allocation of land, buildings and structures. The task was to speed up the process of putting them up for public auction and e-auction.

The meeting also addressed work on poverty reduction. The head of state noted the need for creating jobs for at least 257 thousand low-income families and providing loans to 37 thousand families as part of family entrepreneurship programs.

The President notably announced the sacking of the mayor of Ferghana district Nosirov, the prosecutor of the Yakkabag district Mustafayev, the heads of the Guzar and Chartak district police departments Rakhmonov and Abduraiimov, the chiefs of tax authorities of Mubarek district and Kokand city Temirov and Turdikulov.

The mayor of Shurchi district Khudaibergenov, heads of police departments of Kattakurgan, Kasan and Payaryk districts Otamurodov, Otakulov and Shermukhamedov, heads of tax authorities Narpai, Gallaaral districts and Gulistan city, Dekhkanov, Mamaev and Rajabov were severely reprimanded.

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