Friday, 14, August, 2020

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Additional measures to further develop the competition environment and reduce state participation in the economy decree, which in particular, approved the Competition Development Strategy and Roadmap for its implementation until 2024 inclusive, Uzbekistan 24 reported.

In accordance with the Decree, the Antimonopoly Committee shall become accountable to the Senate and the president. The Committee will continuously provide the president with information on the effectiveness of the reliefs, waivers and exclusive rights provided by the state and proposals for their abolition in case of negative impact on the competition.

The Committee will also make proposals on canceling unlawful decisions of state bodies that violate competition laws and apply measures to their officials. The task of the Committee, in addition, is to identify and prevent “cartel” agreements and conspiracies. To this end, the committee will collaborate with law enforcement agencies.

As the deputy chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee Farrukh Karabaev said in a commentary on the channel, the Yellow Pages Rule is being introduced. Starting October 1, it is not allowed to create (initiate creation) companies with state participation, its affiliates with and state institutions (with the exception of those created for the purpose of defense and national security) in a market where five or more private business entities are already participating.

The document also makes changes to the public procurement mechanism. From January 1, 2021, contractors, within two days after being awarded contracts are required to disclose information about their beneficiaries, who directly or indirectly own 25% or more of their shares. Information will be posted on a special public procurement information portal.

In state agencies, local authorities, natural monopolies, and advantaged enterprises, the system of internal anti-corruption “compliance control” will be phased in. Recall, by presidential decree of June 29, the task of phased implementation of “compliance control” in 2020–2021 was entrusted to the new Anti-Corruption Agency and several departments.

after this set of measures, the number of monopolist enterprises It is expected to decrease by 40%, the country's international rating and investment attractiveness will eventually rise, the presence of business will expand, and the number of jobs will increase.

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