Tuesday, 07, July, 2020

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed to push the privatization of about 1,400 state-owned assets, the presidential press service said in a statement. The privatization program is to be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

“At present, there are 2,965 enterprises in the state own stakes. Most of them are operating inefficiently, using outdated methods. More than half of these enterprises are not even able to pay dividends,” the statament said.

Year-to-date, 299 state assets worth 348 billion soums, US$ 34 million have been privatized. Investors invested 3.3 trillion soums in these facilities and pledged to create 4,700 new jobs.

In addition, the State Assets Management Agency and industry leaders were instructed to liquidate 711 inefficient enterprises, reorganize 262 enterprises, and privatize over 500 markets.

The President emphasized the importance of introducing a new system of management and reforming enterprises that will remain at the disposal of the state.

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