Tuesday, 07, July, 2020

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a video conference meeting, where he, in particular, spoke about the reasons why major investors are not willing to invest in Uzbekistan.

“To be frankly speaking, have major investors come to Uzbekistan over the past three years?” The answer is No. They are not coming because of our “wonderful” investment history. No matter how hard we have been trying to attract them, so far none of them have decided to invest. When will investors from America and Europe come? They have actually drawn conclusions about Uzbekistan from its past. Therefore, the time has come to create a new story when we will guarantee profits from every single invested dollar,” the head of state said.

H also addressed the issue of supporting local investors. As a outcome of the meeting, he decided to extend that the benefits provided only to foreign investors also to local investors. For example, if a Uzbekistan citizen invests in a project worth more than US$ 25 million, external engineering and communications networks will be built from the budget.

According to Mirziyoyev, special benefits will be provided in the areas of healthcare, higher education, chemistry and electrical engineering.

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