Tuesday, 26, May, 2020

Five local airlines could be set up in Uzbekistan, one of the items of the draft 2020 State Program stipulates. The Ministry of Transport, the Tourism Committee and a number of other departments were instructed to create five new airlines by April 1 of this year.

This will reportedly help increase the frequency of flights on existing routes and open new flights. As a result, it is planned that the total number of flights operated by Uzbek airlines will increase by 2800.

In addition, they were also was entrusted to launch ten new international flights from launch open sky flights from Uzbekistan’s every international airport. All this is scheduled to be completed before the summer of 2021.

Another important item is the increase in the number of countries for whose citizens Uzbekistan will offer visa-free.

Earlier, the Government announced plans to launch Humo Air for local and regional flights.

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