Friday, 25, September, 2020

This year Uzbekistan will buy by 165% more agromachineries to the last year, the chairman of Uzagrotechsanoatholding, Nodir Otajonov said at the next session of the International Press Club in Tashken’st Congress Hall.

Our main goal this year is to bring the share of modern agromachineries to 45% in the agricultural sector, he said.

Mechanization of agriculture, bringing state-of-the-art efficient machineries is one of the main goals in the agricultural sector. Currently, modern agromachineries play a major tole in improving the productivity of land, water resources,” said Nodir Otajonov.

Sharof Rajabbaev, the First Deputy Minister for Innovative Development, says bringing new technology will reduce manual labor.

“Introduction of digital technologies is one of our main tasks. What is digital technology? This is a database. The data about the level of humidity, when to plant, when to irrigate and where to place it, ” he added.

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