Sunday, 12, July, 2020

At the end of last week, executives of Roca Group, the Spanish sanitary ware manufacturer, visited Bekabad city in Tashkent province.

The purpose of the visit is to evaluate the possibility of setting up of large production unit in the city. Give n high demand for the sanitary ware in Uzbekistan and neighboring countries, with most volumes imported primarily from Russia.

The delegation, led by the company’s European office manager, Luis García, were hosted at the Bekabad municipality, where the city mayor, Zafar Fayzullaev briefed with economic development plans and the facilities to be offered should the company choose the city for a production unit.

Afterwards, the dlegation members visited the former decommissioned heating plant, offered as the potential location for the unit.

The Spanish project will result in hundreds of jobs and multimillion dollar exports.

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