Tuesday, 02, June, 2020

Asphalt and concrete items production plant will be built by the Dutch company Lumidea engineering in Khiva. This was reported by the Podrobno.uz correspondent with reference to Dunyo news agency.

Earlier, the Uzbek Ambassador to the Benelux countries, Dilyor Hakimov, met with the company CEO, Eşref Özsahin and discussed the projects that Lumidea engineering are planning to implement in the Khiva province.

In September 2019, the district authorities agreed with the company on the construction of an asphalt and concrete items production plant. The project is estimated at US$ 15 million dollars.

In addition, Eşref Özsahin expressed his readiness to assist in improving the infrastructure in the Khiva province. In particular, Lumidea engineering is interested in improving the infrastructure around the historical complexes of Ichan Kala and Dishan Kala.

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