Sunday, 31, May, 2020

The World Gold Council has published a list of the largest gold holders in September 2019, in which Uzbekistan 325.7 tons of gold reserves holds 17th spot.

From neighboring countries, Kazakhstan took 15th place with 377.3 tons.

The United States has the most gold in the world – nearly as much as the next three countries combined. The US holds the number one spot with over 8,133 tonnes of gold in its vaults.

This was more than twice the gold reserves of Germany (3,367 metric tons) and more than three times the gold reserves of Italy (2, 452 metric tons) and France (2, 436 metric tons). Russia was ranked 5th for the amount of gold it has on reserve.

To identify countries that control the world’s gold, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed numerous national and international media reports. Additionally, we reviewed data from the World Gold Council and the International Monetary Fund.

In 2020, Uzbekistan is planning to bring gold and silver mining to 150 tons annually, and in 2021 - up to 300 tons.

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