Saturday, 30, May, 2020

A new oil and gas condensate field was discovered in Uzbekistan on August 10 at the Muborak investment block. The field named Bohoriston is being developed by the subsidiary of the American Epsilon Development Company LLC.

Drilling of the promising well was launched on June 2, 2019. Upon the well test at a depth of 2445 meters, an inflow of oil, condensate and natural gas was obtained with a flow rate of 100 thousand cubic meters per day. The obtained inflow is the evidence of the discovery of a new oil and gas condensate field in Bohoriston in Uzbekistan ", the company said.

Now the exploratory well is being drilled to a design depth of 3,000 meters. The company also began construction of a new gas pipeline 9.7 km long for transporting hydrocarbons to the Mubarek Gas Processing Plant.

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