Friday, 06, December, 2019

Uzbekistan Airways is planning to sell its six aircrafts, of which two Boeing 767s, two Boeing 757s and two passenger to cargo converted Boeing 767s, the company said.

The company is reportedly eyeing to restructure its operations and renew aircrafts, which have been operating for over 20 years, and to buy A320 aircraft instead.

Uzbekistan Airways clarified that it has no plans to sell its Dreamliners, as some media reported, including Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe.

There is no final decision yet, on the sale terms, perhaps this could be under the sale and lease back terms, the company added.

Earlier some media outlets reported that Uzbekistan Airways was preparing to sell eight of it airliners and use the proceeds to pay the aircrafts debt.

Experts say that in spite of Uzbekistan Airways seat occupancy being at 84%, highest rates in the world, it is unable to repay debts.

Uzbekistan Airways is a public monopoly with its financial condition undisclosed. Sources in the company estimate the annual revenues at around $800 million. The debt may vary between $2-3 billions.

According to Flightradar24, Uzbekistan Airways fleet includes 37 aircrafts.

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