Sunday, 31, May, 2020

"We have reasons to believe that there is a huge gas field in Ustyurt region in Karakalpakstan", today said the chairman of Uzbekneftegaz, Bahodir Sidikov at the briefing of the Ministry of Energy.

According to him, three new promising fields have been discovered there recently.

“Just yesterday, we obtained another gas inflow at Arslan-12 well. It is highly likely that all these three fields are one single reservoir. Arslan-12 is located between Arslan and South Surgil fields. This suggests that there is one huge, gigantic gas field” said Sidikov.

Also, the Uzbekneftegaz chief commented on the statement by the President Mirziyoyev regarding an Uzbek official receiving US$ 80 million before the launch of Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex in Surgil.

“I personally “have no sufficient information to confirm” that this indeed took place. If the head of state stated it, then probably, he had enough reasons to say so. But what I can say is that the law enforcement agencies have already started dealing with this affair,” Sidikov noted.

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