Sunday, 16, June, 2019

Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex (AMMC) plans to build a new copper processing plant, the plant said. The TOMS Research and Design Institute (Russia) will develop a project for the new factory, which is scheduled to be commissioned before 2022.

The new factory will use rational schemes for the minerals enrichment , which, among other things, will help increase the output of copper, molybdenum and gold.

The Russian firm should foresee the possibility of processing oxidized ores, slags and tailings of the old tailing pond, which will also allow to increase the copper and gold production.

TOMS Institute will be involved in the modernization of two operating copper enrichment plants, due to begin next year.

These factories are now processing sulphide copper-molybdenum ores from the Kalmaqirr and Sary-Cheku deposits, from which, in addition to non-ferrous metals, precious and rare metals are extracted.


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