Tuesday, 21, May, 2019

The natural gas production volume in Uzbekistan is expected to surpass 61 billion cubic meters (BCM) by the year-end, a 5.2 BCM increase to 2017, according to Uzbekneftegaz.

About 3 million tons of crude oil will be processed with the production of petroleum products for all economy sectors.

Since the launch of the resource base development program (in 2017 and 10 months of 2018), 10 new oil and gas fields have been opened, with industrial level hydrocarbon inflows obtained, namely two fields in the Ustyurt region (gas condensate fileds - Beskala and Kuyi Surgil); 7 fields in the Bukhara-Khiva region (gas condensate - Shortak, Marvarid, Topichaksay, Chordarbaza, Andakli, Tumaris, Janubiy Kulbeshkak) and one in the Fergana province (oil and gas condensate - Uchtepa).

This year the company is implementing 14 projects. In particular, the gas processing plant and the Kandym group of fields development projects were completd in cooperation with PJSC LUKOIL (Russia) in the Bukhara region. In April 2018, the second line of the gas processing plant was launched.

In August 2018 was commissioned the liquefied gas cylinders production unit (at Angren FEZ ) in cooperation with Hyundai International (Korea) in the Tashkent province.

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