Wednesday, 22, May, 2019

Cooperation agreements were today signed between Uzbekistan and Italy companies, namely: Danieli & C.Officine Meccaniche SpA and JSC Uzbek Metallurgical Plant, as well as Danieli & C.Officine Meccaniche SpA and Toshkent Metallurgiya Zavodi LLC. In the ceremony were present the representatives of SFI Management Group LLC, the trsut management company of the Uzbek Metallurgical Plant.

In line with the Presidential decree, Uzmetkombinat launched the Construction of a Casting and Rolling Complex Project, which envisages the setting up of a 1.04 million tons hot rolled sheet metal per year capacity facility.

No less significant is the project of construction of a unique metallurgical plant in Central Asia for production of 500 thousand tons cold-rolled metal per year.

Agreement between Danieli & C.Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. and Uzmetkombinat JSC. provides for the supply of the main process equipment for production of hot-rolled sheet metal in coils for the Construction of a Casting and Rolling Complex Project.

The project will provide for:

- production of 1.04 million tons per year, 1.6 to 12.0 mm thickness hot-rolled sheets in rolls;

- increase in the production of rolled ferrous metals in 2021 up to 2.1 million tons per year;

- Tashkent Metallurgical Plant curentley under construction will become the main raw material base;

- localization of a new type of product, as well as the boost for Uzbek export;

- the creation of 400 jobs.

The agreement between Danieli & C.Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. and Toshkent Metallurgiya Zavodi LLC is an agreement to develop cooperation between the Uzbek and Italian companies on mutually beneficial terms.

The total cost of delivered Danieli equipment is over 75.0 million euros. and meets the modern requirements standards. Danieli willalso train the personnel.

The main products will be hot-galvanized sheet for the automotive, construction industries, a sheet with a polymer coating for household appliances, finishing materials and related industries.

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