Wednesday, 22, May, 2019

The value of Uzbekistan’s trade in goods (export and import) in January-October 2018 reached 25,768.3 millions, posting a 15.9% increase to the last year, the Statistics Committee said.

The exports were at US$ 10,258.0 million, less by 4.1% to 2017, while imports were at US$ 15 510.3 million, (increase by 34.4%), with the trade deficit  at US$ 5,252.3 million.

China remains Uzbekistan’s main trading partner, with two-way trade at US$ 5 billion, of which exports – US$ 2.2 bln, and imports - US$ 2.8 bln.

Russia (US$ 4.5 billion: exports - US$ 1.6 billion and import - US$ 2.9 billion) and Kazakhstan (US$ 2.3 billion: exports - US$ 1.1 billion and imports - US$ 1.2 billion).

Most of the revenue comes from gas and oil exports (US$ 2 billion), services (US$ 2.5 billion) and precious metals (US$ 1.5 billion). Machinery and equipment account for most imports (US$ 6.3 billion), chemical products (US$ 2 billion), and services (US$ 1.8 billion).

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