Saturday, 21, September, 2019

Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov and Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas today signed the Cooperation Development Action Plan.

The plan includes more than 100 events for advancing trade, providing access to the parties' markets, cooperation in the field of industrial cooperation, agriculture, light industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, construction, petrochemicals and energy sectors.

The block of measures includes also humanitarian cooperation and the development of interprovincial cooperation, as well as the establishment of sister city relations.

Among others, it is planned to supply Belarusian wood products and consumer goods to Uzbekistan, US$ 2 million worth of MAZ trucks, US$ 5 million worth of MTZ tractors million. BelAZ will bid in tenders for equipment supply. The parties will luanch mutual food supplies, consider exports of Belarusian malt and sugar, Uzbekistan is ready to increase the supply of dried fruits. The volume of mutual trade in fruits and vegetables and other products should grow to $ 10 million per year. Uzbek goods trading house or store may be opened in Minsk.

Uzbekistan and Belarus will work on the creation of JVs for production of milk, medicines, medical equipment, mini-tractors and canopies, as well as bicycles, transport and logistics enterprise. Belarusian firms will help build modern dairy farms in Uzbekistan. Belarus also intends to enter the Uzbek cotton-textile cluster.

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