Friday, 22, March, 2019

Since April 28, Uzbekistan firms have exported US$ 40 million worth of over 9 thousand tons of sweet cherries, UzbekOziqOvqatHolding (transl. Uzbek Food Holding) said.

According to the company, during the same period in 2017, exports were at 3.1 thousand tons and were worth US$ 9.4 million (3 USD per kilo on average).

Shipments of sweet cherry rose 3 times in tons and more than 4 times in US dollars and the season "has just begun", the company added.

The geography of supplies has also expanded, with the largest importers of Uzbek cherries being the UAE, Korea Republic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and other countries.

This however led to soaring of sweet cherry prices in Uzbekistan markets, with price tags doubling ( from 0.5 to 1 USD range up to 1-2 USD per kilo) compared to the last year.

Foreign trade liberalisation moves taken by the government have boosted exports and pushed up the prices for a number of goods locally.

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