Friday, 18, January, 2019

The value of Uzbekistan's foreign trade amounted to US$7.9 billion in January-March 2018, with exports at US$4.1 billion and imports – US$3.8 billion, and foreign trade balance at US$249.4 million.

Exports of energy resources and oil products increased by 91.4% compared to last year due increase of exports of natural gas by 2.3 times, machineries and equipment by 35.4%, of which boilers, equipment and mechanical devices - by 24.6%, transformers and batteries - by 68.6%, monitors and projectors - by 3.3 times.

The exports of food products increased by 49.9% due to increase in wheat exports, by 21.6% and fruits and vegetables by 51.7%.

In the import structure the main share belongs to machineries and equipment – 37.5% and chemical products – 14.4%.

The share of services in exports was 27.1% , of which 9.1% - transportation services and 16.3% - travel services.

In January-March 2018, the balance of foreign trade was US$249.4 million, of which US$231.3 million deficit with CIS countries and US$480.7 million positive balance with other countries.

Uzbekistan's main foreign trade partners among the CIS countries are Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (total share - 30.3%), among other countries - China, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Afghanistan, Germany, Latvia, Iran, France (33.4%).

Exports of fruits and vegetables made up US$110.8 million, an increase by 51.7%.

Fruits and vegetables were exported to Kazakhstan (37.4%), Afghanistan (13.1%), Russia (11.8%), Turkey (5.9%), Vietnam (4.9%), China (3.8%), Kyrgyzstan (2.6%), Iran (2.4%), India (2.2%).

Total of 182,800 tonnes of fruits and vegetables were exported, or 84.9% increase.

The share of of textile products in total exports was 7.8%, reaching US$316.9 million, or increased by 14.7%.

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