Monday, 18, February, 2019

Big gas condensate reserves were discovered in the Lower Surgil of the Ustyurt plateau in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekneftegaz reported. The company said that Uzbekneftegazwidened the search areas for hydrocarbons in the bowels of the Ustyurt plateau.

The specialists installed drilling rig No. 1 and drilled the first well. In January 2018, thanks to the geological survey, big reserves gas and condensate were discovered at a depth of 3,600 m.

The Surgil deposit has become one of the major vectors of Uzbekistan’s oil and gas industry development program for the near future. Its development and operation is aimed at increasing the production and processing of gas resources, expanding the industrial infrastructure.

Uzbekneftegaz will assess the reserves growth and prepare proposals for further exploration at the Lower Surgil field.

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