Monday, 24, June, 2024


For the first time since 2019, diplomats and experts from the art world have come together to support the continent’s best writers.

A new report from the World Health Organization finds that our collective sedentary lifestyle will take a heavy toll in the years to come if nothing changes. The report assumes that this will be the case almost be a half-billions of new cases of noncommunicable diseases like heart disease and diabetes due to physical inactivity by 2030. It also found that many countries are doing little to help people stay active, such as building safer, walkable roads.

Uzbek Foreign Ministry condemned attack on an Afghan mosque on Wednesday evening in Kabul's Khairkhan district which killed 21 people.

The migratory monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus plexippus), known for its spectacular annual journey of up to 4,000 kilometres across the Americas, has entered the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM as Endangered, threatened by habitat destruction and climate change.

Kazakh President called for diversifying the country’s oil supply routes, a day after a Russian court suspended operations on a major export pipeline.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred financial inclusion - driving a large increase in digital payments amid the global expansion of formal financial services. This expansion created new economic opportunities, narrowing the gender gap in account ownership, and building resilience at the household level to better manage financial shocks, according to the Global Findex 2021database.

The ceremony of handing over humanitarian aid to Afghanistan took place in Hairatan on April 30, the Uzbek Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The operation of the Hairatan-Mazar railway will be handed over gradually to the Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA), officials said. With managing the technical affairs of the railway and the transportation of commodities, the ARA said, the income of the government will increase. The transition of technical activities will shift from the Uzbekistan company to the Afghan government. 

Afghanistan Railways Authority (ARA) officials have said that operating contracts with neighboring countries for Afghanistan’s railway stations were formalized without taking the country’s best interests into consideration.

Pakistan Muslim Leagu president Shehbaz Sharif was elected as the 23rd prime minister of Pakistan after 174 lawmakers voted in his favour after Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) MNAs boycotted the election.

Kazakhstan will introduce quotas for wheat and flour exports from April 15. This move is necessary to cut the deficit in the domestic market and load the flour mills, reported citing First Vice Minister of Agriculture Aidarbek Saparov.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has been ousted from power after losing a no-confidence vote in his leadership.

Russian troops attacked a packed railway station in eastern Ukraine Friday morning and dozens were feared dead. At least 39 people were killed, according to the regional governor. More than 100 were also hurt in the attack, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense said. 

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a firebrand Russian nationalist, party leader and presidential candidate who built a considerable following during the chaotic post-Soviet 1990s with promises to restore the glory of Soviet empire, has died at a hospital in the Moscow region. He was 75.

Deputy PM/Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade Sardor Umurzakov met with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in China. It is possible that Sardor Umurzakov arrived in China instead of Abdulaziz Kamilov, who is currently undergoing treatment abroad.

The owner of the Uzbek Navruz restaurant in Kharkov, the head of the Uzbek diaspora, Shakhobiddin Yusupov, from the very beginning of the war, has been preparing free hot meals for the residents of the city. A report about this was published by Nastoyashaye Vremya.

A day after she burst onto a live news broadcast on Russian state television holding a sign denouncing the war in Ukraine, lawyers with human rights groups told The Washington Post they are unable to locate producer Marina Ovsyannikova, more than 12 hours after she was detained.

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a resolution on Wednesday demanding that Russia immediately end its military operations in Ukraine. 

With the world watching, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a wide-scale, pre-dawn attack Thursday against Ukraine, unleashing an invasion that the United States and its allies had warned was coming for days.

In a move sure to further fuel tensions with the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday officially recognized Ukraine's breakaway Donetsk and Luhansk regions as independent states and signed the relevant agreements with the separatist leaders in the Kremlin.