Wednesday, 06, December, 2023

The delegation of the political office of the Taliban movement, during consultations in Moscow on July 8, gave assurances that they would not breach the borders of the Central Asian countries, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"Assurances were received from the Taliban regarding the non-breach of the borders of the Central Asian countries, as well as guarantees of the security of diplomatic and consular missions of foreign states in Afghanistan," the statement underscored.

The Russian Foreign Ministry of Affairs of the Federation stressed that "the representatives of Taliban confirmed their interest in achieving sustainable peace in the country through negotiations, taking into account the interests of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan, as well as their readiness to respect human rights, including of women, within the framework of Islamic norms and Afghan traditions."

"Separately, the Taliban highlighted its firm stance to fight the ISIS threat in Afghanistan and to eradicate drug production in the country after the end of the civil war," the statement added.

Earlier it was reported that Tajikistan requested the CSTO to help enhance border security with Afghanistan.

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