Thursday, 06, May, 2021

Foreign leaders appear to have scaled back their generosity when it comes to gifts given to President Donald Trump, his family and top officials.

That's according to an accounting of official presents to the first family and senior Trump administration officials posted to the Federal Register website Monday. The list shows that Trump, his wife, Melania, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner reported receiving $88,420 worth of gifts from foreign leaders in 2018. That's down from more than $140,000 they reported in 2017.

As in 2017, Melania Trump received the single most valuable item on the list. This year it was a set of six Nymphenburg porcelain plates valued at $23,000 from the sheikh of Qatar. She also received a $4,200 bed cover from the Uzbek president.

The most valuable gift given Trump himself was from French President Emmanuel Macron: a Louis Vuitton golf bag and a collection of photographs that was valued at $8,250. In keeping with the golf theme but on a more modest scale, Trump was gifted a hickory putter by the mayor of Davos, Switzerland, valued at $450.

Trump also received a miniature silver replica of Uzbekistan's Registan complex from the country's president that was valued at $2,950.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was another frequent recipient of gifts from foreign leaders in 2018. He reported receiving a $1,580 wooden table and chair set from the president of Uzbekistan.

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