Thursday, 22, February, 2024

The United States Government through USAID’s Smart Waters Regional activity launched its annual two weeks Summer School Education Program with the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME).

Eight students from the Integrated Water Resources Management Principles Masters (IWRM MA) Program of Kazakh-German University and seven TIIAME students will learn about water infrastructure, safety, basin management, irrigation and drainage systems, and environmental aspects of water resources management. The program is designed to bring participants a greater understanding of the policy, technical, and community issues necessary to address and manage Central Asia’s complex water challenges.

In addition, the Summer School experience will build skills and networks across Central Asia, foster an environment of cooperation and collaboration across a region where shared water resources have long been a major point of contention. Through activities like the Summer School, Smart Waters is helping countries in Central Asia and Afghanistan build a cadre of well-trained water professionals who understand internationally accepted water management approaches, can share best practices, and work together to better manage the region’s water resources.

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