Sunday, 03, December, 2023

Water management experts from Uzbekistan studied the experience of Spain. World Bank's "Management of water resources in the Fergana Valley, Dunyo reported. Delegation of Uzbekistan traveled to Spain with the support of the country's embassy in Madrid to study water management legislation, water resources management, organizational, institutional, legal structures, financial and economic mechanisms, and to support the irrigation system.

During the trip, the delegation members met with the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture and the Spanish Union of Fenacore Irrigators.

The Spanish side introduced the Uzbek delegation to presentations on water resources management, the fight against desertification, the use of modern technologies of water purification, the rational use of water resources in the irrigation system, and the Spanish experience and new developments.

As a result of the meeting, the parties reached an agreement on continuing cooperation in the field of water management and establishing an exchange of information between the responsible agencies of the two countries.

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